When Time is Money

The EZ ModularTM system is the best of a new breed of modular display systems that are changing the face of marketing and promotional events. The new lightweight and quick to assemble modular systems represent a smarter way to meet the needs of modern exhibitors.

Overcoming Access Problems

Construction access is often a problem at road shows, conferences and other events sometimes requiring a long and awkward walk to the installation area. Despite its strength, EZ ModularTM system is tremendously compact and lightweight and can easily be packed for carrying or shifting by pallet truck.

Product Display and Large Display Screens

The EZ ModularTM system’s ability to support loads and its versatility are leagues ahead of the ubiquitous pop-up whilst the ease of configuration and assembly makes it simple to create the “display stand in a box” experience that is ideal for high frequency exhibiting. Installation times are measured in minutes and hours rather than days.

Changing the Message

The EZ ModularTM system also offers a bespoke solution for retail displays and graphic partitions, keeping you one step ahead of the competition. Its versatility and speed of panel change makes EZ ModularTM perfect for the retail environment where record refit times and flexibility of layout mean massive savings. Changes to display layouts and complete graphic scheme rollouts become possible overnight with no disruption to business.

Exhibiting on the Global Stage

Many organisations today face the challenges of exhibiting overseas, for example in the USA where labour costs and qualified help come at a price. Or in countries where it is difficult to produce cost effective/successful stands because of the distances involved and labour constraints such as parts of Africa, Asia and South America.

The EZ ModularTM system has been designed with ‘global travellers’ in mind. It is surprisingly compact to ship, lighter than any of its competitors, much quicker to assemble and requires no tools.

With Bell Stone it doesn’t even cost you anything to find out what you can achieve with one of our modular stands or displays. We offer a free, no-obligation design service – simply call us on 01733 569232 or request a call via our online form to see what you could be saving.