Controlling the Cost of Exhibiting

Designing and building exhibition stands, conference sets, road shows and retail displays has traditionally been a lengthy and complicated process, with all the cost that implies.

EZ ModularTM changes all that. Because EZTM is such a simple and effective system, you will save time from the start of the design process right through to removal and storage of the structure.

The key components of the system are a profiled tube and a connector. These join together with a deceptively simple, patented, twist-lock action that requires no tools to create strong, rigid structures. The simple elegance of EZ ModularTM, its versatility and the way it goes together, significantly reduce the time required to design and build all manner of shapes and structures.

Some of the time and cost saving benefits of the EZ ModularTM system:

  • Design and quantify structures very quickly using standard components.
  • Build in stability without resorting to additional materials or support methods.
  • Re-use components again and again (main system parts come with a lifetime guarantee).
  • Quick and easy to work with, reducing the cost of skilled labour.
  • Hire or purchase – EZ ModularTM system kits are available to purchase and re-use or for one-off hire depending on your needs.
  • Transport and storage is reduced – EZ ModularTM system is lightweight, very compact and will break down into a small volume.

With Bell Stone it doesn’t even cost you anything to find out what you can achieve with one of our modular stands or displays. We offer a free, no-obligation design service – simply call us on 01733 569232 or request a call via our online form to see what you could be saving.