Pop-Up Shops

b099_render_01-1Using our modular display system, Bell Stone offer a fantastic solution for temporary retail outlets.

What is a Pop-Up Shop?

Pop-Up Shops (also known as Pop-Up Stores and Pop-Up Retail) is the term used for temporary sales spaces. Pop-Up shops allow a company to create a short-term, unique environment for the duration of a peak in demand (such as sports retail shops during Wimbledon, the World Cup and the Olympics or seasonal shops).

Temporary Retail Solutions

Bell Stone provide brands and retailers with quality, bespoke pop-up shops using our modular display system (which is covered by our lifetime guarantee). This means that we can create an engaging environment for retail spaces of any shape or size much faster than conventional solutions.

nintendo_wii_popup_shopSome example uses for our pop-up retail display system include:

  • Seasonal Shops
  • Product sampling and awareness campaigns
  • Promotional retail spaces within corporate buildings and public spaces
  • Football club merchandise at “away games”
  • Temporary Museum or tourist displays

The Benefit of using Pop-Up Shops

By taking advantage of vacant prime retail units, pop-up shops can deliver a fast return on investment. Brands and retailers also gain benefit in using them as part of their marketing campaigns for new products, allowing trials and sampling as well as increasing public awareness.

Pop-up shops are also a cost-effective method of starting a new shop or business, lowering the initial cost of design and installation with the ability to re-use and/or build upon the modular system in the future if required (such as moving to larger premises).

To find out more about our pop-up retail service, get in touch with us