EZ Modular System

ez_logoBell Stone’s EZ Modular system is a simple, elegant way of creating framework structures for a variety of uses such as promotional displays, exhibition stands, stage sets, retail interiors, signs and many others. Although it is lightweight and very quick to assemble, the robustness and strength of the EZ ModularTM system makes it the ideal carrier for large format graphics, product displays and AV installations.

The speed and ease of assembly has helped us to control and even reduce labour costs on many projects. The simplicity of the system also helps streamline the design and administration process again leading to reduced costs.

Even large structures and frameworks break down into compact packages thanks to the modular nature of the design. This has led to tremendous savings on transport and storage for many of our customers.

Some of the benefits of building with Bell Stone’s EZ Modular TM system:

  • Quick and easy to work with
    Business interruptions can be minimised during re-fits and installations.
  • Can be modified on site
    Changes in panel sizes and other installation issues are quickly remedied.
  • Load bearing and very stable
    EZ Modular TM system easily supports plasma screens, counters and heavy display items.
  • Easy and inexpensive to transport
    The system is very compact and will breakdown into a small volume.
  • Immensely versatile
    The system can be reconfigured into a vast number of different structures and can be used over and over again.
  • Lifetime guarantee
    Peace of mind knowing all main components are covered by our no quibble guarantee.
  • Perfect where budget and floor space are limited
    Such as overseas events or where labour costs and availability are at a premium, for instance in the USA. Or in countries where it is difficult to produce cost effective/successful stands because of the distances involved and labour constraints, for example in parts of Africa, Asia and South America.
  • The complete “exhibition stand in a box” experience
    A full range of accessories is available making it easy to assemble complete kits.
  • Sales and hire options available on most projects.
  • Installation options including self assembly.