Calrec Audio

Based in the North of England, Calrec is the major supplier of audio mixing consoles to the UK broadcast sector and is a major exporter to markets in North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim.

Their exhibition plan called for a ‘big’ look with a stand that could be reconfigured for a variety of events and that would be efficient to transport and to install.

Las Vegas Convention Centre
6m x 12m Island Stand

RAI Messe, Amsterdam
9m x 5m Corner Stand

Fountain Studios

This is why our client is so pleased with the result;

“Using EZ means that Calrec will save 80% on exhibition costs over the next 3 years!”

“On our exhibition stand in Las Vegas we saved around 70% on union labour costs and 86% on shipping and drayage.”

Kevin Emmott
Marketing Co-Ordinator
Calrec Audio

How have Bell Stone been able to save their client so much?

  • EZ is easy and quick to install; at most of the events, Calrec were able to use their own staff to build and dismantle the stand.
  • 3 men installed the stand in Las Vegas in just 2 days, using just 18.5 hours of union labour, saving them 70% in expected labour costs!
  • The stand was dismantled, packed and was ready to ship in just 4 hours!
  • EZ packs down into small volume. The entire stand (including structure, fabric graphics, lights and worktops) packs down into just one flight case of less than 2.5 cubic metres, weighing only 650 kilos!
  • This saved them an estimated 86% on shipping and drayage.

These figures were supplied by the client based on a comparison with a conventional custom-built stand.

EZ’s versatility is extraordinary; Calrec are looking to use the material for the next 3 years in many different configurations. Recent examples are the stand that they installed at the RAI in Amsterdam and the prestige installation at the Fountain Studios.

How to save money and time with Bell Stone’s EZ System

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