BLOODHOUND SSC – Engineering Adventure

bloodhound_teamThe Land Speed Record is motorsport distilled to its most fundamental elements: Distance versus time. The Bloodhound SSC (Supersonic Car) Programme is an engineering adventure to create the ultimate Land Speed Record car. The target? An astounding 1000mph!

With over 5 shows a month on their event calendar, the Bloodhound team needed a display solution that could withstand the rigours of continuous builds and yet be fast and simple to install.

They chose their biggest event yet, the Farnborough International Air Show, to debut Bell Stone’s EZ Modular System and called on our design team to create:

  • Graphic walls
  • Advertising totems
  • Walk-in storage
  • Large screen displays
  • Counters and merchandising units
  • Simulator housing
  • 15m “rocket car” track
  • Play tables
  • Seating

The beauty of modular displays and textile graphics

All the displays are fast to assemble textile “skins” over an aluminium framework. This has the advantage of being light and compact for transport and storage. In fact, we were able to pack down the entire set into a single small transit van.

The beautifully bold textile graphics are surprisingly robust too and will look good long after rigid or laminated panels would need to be replaced.

And, because the system is modular, everything can be reconfigured to suit virtually endless floor layouts.

It may be just the car that hits Mach 1.4 but everything associated with the project feels “rocket powered” and that’s been true of the response from the Bell Stone project team.

Put some flexibility into your event programme

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