Why Should You Exhibit?

Trade shows and exhibitions have now become an important platform for businesses to display products and services to new and existing customers.

If you are considering an exhibition show, there are many important factors to consider when choosing the most suitable trade fair for your industry sector. However, there’s one thing you must have clear from the beginning, which is the reason why you have chosen that specific event over another.

Are you after or in pursuit of:


  • Generate sales leads
  • Close sales
  • Build relationships with prospects
  • Advance the sales cycle
  • Cross-sell existing clients
  • Meet spread-out buying teams at one time
  • Recruit new sales people
  • Recruit new distribution
  • Train new sales people

Marketing Communications

  • Build your brand
  • Re-position your brand
  • Increase awareness
  • Survey market awareness
  • Interview clients
  • Generate publicity

Product Marketing

  • Launch new products
  • Survey attendees about new product ideas
  • Research competitor’s products and messaging

Executive Management

  • Keep up on industry trends
  • Meet with key clients
  • Meet with key business partners
  • Profitably build the business

So as you assess your event calendar for the upcoming season, plan in advance how participating in that trade show can substantially increase your ROI. Don’t forget that at an exhibition you are face to face with a large number of potential consumers that fall directly within your targeted market. They can see, feel and examine your merchandise, and more importantly your sales force get valuable time to pitch the product, making it a great promotion and sales tool.

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