The Benefits Of Pop-Up Shops

nintendo wii pop-up shopA pop-up shop is generally a temporary retail unit, situated in a previously vacant high-street shopping location. They are becoming increasingly popular in these tough economic times for a great number of reasons, with even some of the bigger brands also taking advantage of the many pop-up shop benefits.

Pop-up shops are ideal for seasonal sales such as around Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day and Halloween. Retailers that specialise in these items wouldn’t expect a high-sales volume during other times in the year which is why this temporary retail solution is so appealing. Pop-up stores can be setup more cheaply and quickly than conventional retail shop-fits.

Temporary retail isn’t only limited to these typical seasonal events. There are many other areas in which pop-up shops can be of benefit, such as:

  • Online-only merchants can test out sales in a physical environment
  • Retailers can experiment and gauge success in new markets
  • Companies can build brand awareness, highlighting new products and services
  • Retailers can experiment with different-sized retail space to find out how much they actually need to meet with demand
  • Pop-up shops are a low-risk investment. At it is temporary, retailers are not tied into long-term contracts

Pop-up stores can be opened cheaply by negotiating a deal with your landlord. City Councils are also working hard to improve their high-street activity. With a natural footfall and social media interaction (utilising Facebook and Twitter to promote your shop and activity), temporary retailers can achieve a good ROI through strong sales and a low initial cost outlay.

Bell Stone can assist in providing a simple, professional and cost-effective solution to your pop-up shop. Our modular retail system allows you to re-use and re-configure your shop layout to work within retail space of any size, making it ideal for seasonal shops. For those interested in just testing out a new product or service, we also offer a system hire service.

For more information about our pop-up shop solutions, please e-mail us at or call 01733 569232

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