Quick Response (QR) Codes for Exhibitions

Quick Response (QR) Codes are two-dimensional codes that can be scanned with smart devices, such as iPhones, to provide access to content such as a link to a website, file download, SMS or potentially anything else you can create a hyperlink for.

QR Codes for Business

A recent study by a Baltimore advertising agency found that 32% of smart phone users have scanned a QR code. However, the British telecoms regulator Ofcom found that only a third of adults currently use a smart device. This means that until the smart phone market grows further, as it inevitably will, the market penetration is only around 15%.
That being said, according to the same Baltimore study 72% of smart phone users say they would be likely to remember an advertisement which included a QR code. These figures suggest that while QR codes are an effective marketing ploy, the scope of their effect is currently limited to quite a small, yet growing, population.

Effective use of QR Codes for Marketing

One of the most popular reasons for users scanning a QR code is to provide additional content and information. The temptation to access exclusive content is strong in the trend-setting individuals most likely to own a smart device. Also, additional information such as product reviews can help re-enforce customer confidence and improve sale conversions.

Another popular use for scanning a QR code is to enter a competition. People may forget to visit a competition website, or may find the idea of entering their information at a computer tiresome. QR codes allow users to enter competitions as and when they see them advertised, and can even import some of the personal information stored on their phone.

Some other creative ways of using QR codes are:

  • Linking collateral to web pages, blogs or contact information
  • Providing quick access to your exhibition or event speaker’s social media accounts (Twitter etc.)
  • Allowing your prospects to quickly add you to their contacts database by printing a code on your business cards

If you would like to see how QR codes could be used to enhance your marketing activity, give us a call today on 01733 569232 or e-mail us at enquiries@bellstone.co.uk.

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