BLOODHOUND Successfully Tests Europe’s Largest Hybrid Rocket

At the Aerohub, Newquay Cornwall Airport, the BLOODHOUND Project successfully tested its unique hybrid rocket system, for first time.

Bell Stone Associates Ltd have had the exciting opportunity of being involved as a sponsor of the Bloodhound project. One we have very much enjoyed this summer. Supporting this project has required a lot of work indeed. We have though been happy to provide all the advertisement for this project; which included producing and installing advertising banners, staging areas, display screens, and most importantly the gantry that housed the rocket itself! At 4 meters (12 feet) long, 45.7 cm (18 inches) in diameter and 450kg in weight, BLOODHOUND’s rocket is the largest of its kind ever designed in Europe and the biggest to be fired in the UK for 20 years.

During the test, which was streamed live to the web, the rocket burned for 10 seconds, generating 14,000 lbs of thrust – 30 – 40,000 equivalent hp. Sound levels at the rocket nozzle reached 185 dB, many times that of a Boeing 747 at take off.

Today’s test represents the most significant milestone yet for the global education programme as it develops the world’s first 1,000 mph / Mach 1.4 racing car.

The term ‘hybrid’ stems from the fact that BLOODHOUND’s rocket combines solid fuel (a synthetic rubber) with a liquid oxidiser (High Test Peroxide, or HTP) reacting with a catalyst (a fine mesh of silver) to produce its power. Although technically demanding, this approach is, we believe, the safest and most controllable option, allowing driver Andy Green to shut off the flow of oxidiser and extinguish the rocket, if required.

The Team also used the event to practise the safety protocols and rocket handling procedures they will use in 12 month’s time, when BLOODHOUND begins its supersonic campaign at Hakskeen Pan, South Africa.

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R2-D2 steals the show at ToyFair and SpringFair 2012!

R2-D2 was unveiled to the market at two of the biggest toy events of the year.

Princess Leia herself was on hand to demonstrate this incredibly fun RC R2-D2,complete with an integrated weeble wobble self up-righting mechanism, which proved a great success to both retailers and Star Wars fans.

R2-D2 received fantastic media attention backed by strong orders and has been tipped as 2012 toy of the year. Watch the video below to see R2-D2 in action:

Bell Stone Associates created the modular exhibition stand for Bladez Toys which showcased the remote controlled inflatable R2-D2 (listed as one of the best toys/gadgets by Wired).

Coming out in Q3/Q4 this year, the RC Jumbo Inflatable R2-D2 is expected to retail for around £40, and Bladez promises that there will be additions to the Star Wars Pump & Play range to come.

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Quick Response (QR) Codes for Exhibitions

Quick Response (QR) Codes are two-dimensional codes that can be scanned with smart devices, such as iPhones, to provide access to content such as a link to a website, file download, SMS or potentially anything else you can create a hyperlink for.

QR Codes for Business

A recent study by a Baltimore advertising agency found that 32% of smart phone users have scanned a QR code. However, the British telecoms regulator Ofcom found that only a third of adults currently use a smart device. This means that until the smart phone market grows further, as it inevitably will, the market penetration is only around 15%.
That being said, according to the same Baltimore study 72% of smart phone users say they would be likely to remember an advertisement which included a QR code. These figures suggest that while QR codes are an effective marketing ploy, the scope of their effect is currently limited to quite a small, yet growing, population.

Effective use of QR Codes for Marketing

One of the most popular reasons for users scanning a QR code is to provide additional content and information. The temptation to access exclusive content is strong in the trend-setting individuals most likely to own a smart device. Also, additional information such as product reviews can help re-enforce customer confidence and improve sale conversions.

Another popular use for scanning a QR code is to enter a competition. People may forget to visit a competition website, or may find the idea of entering their information at a computer tiresome. QR codes allow users to enter competitions as and when they see them advertised, and can even import some of the personal information stored on their phone.

Some other creative ways of using QR codes are:

  • Linking collateral to web pages, blogs or contact information
  • Providing quick access to your exhibition or event speaker’s social media accounts (Twitter etc.)
  • Allowing your prospects to quickly add you to their contacts database by printing a code on your business cards

If you would like to see how QR codes could be used to enhance your marketing activity, give us a call today on 01733 569232 or e-mail us at

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How to Open a Pop-Up Shop

Pop-up shops appear to be opening everywhere thanks to their temporary nature, providing new and exciting shopping experiences in previously empty retail space. There are many benefits of pop-up shops, but how do you go about opening one for yourself?


The first stage of planning your pop-up shop should go into sourcing a good location. You need to be placed in an area with high footfall, whether it be a currently unoccupied shop, seasonal retail space within a shopping centre, or a co-working area within a current shop. Make sure that you acquire the necessary permission before you occupy your space (such as the city council for public outdoor areas).

Shop Layout

Once you’ve arranged where your shop will be situated, you now need to look into how to create your temporary shopping experience. Each shop is different, based on whether it is based indoors or outdoors, the size, and the requirements of what you intend to sell (shelving, security, cabinets, racks, etc). Therefore, it can be difficult to cater for everything within this blog article. However, at Bell Stone, we provide a modular pop-up shop retail display system which is suitable for almost any situation. With it, we can create a shop-fit for an area of any size, with numerous methods of product display. The benefit of using our system is that if your pop-up shop is a huge success, you can use it again for your next event by re-configuring it based on your new space requirements (either larger or smaller).


Now that you’ve got your location and retail display sorted, you need to look into ways of informing the general public about your shop and generating interest. There are many ways to build excitement about your store, such as:

  • Inform the local press
  • Engage in social media activity (facebook, twitter, …)
  • Send out e-mail newsletters
  • Create blog posts
  • Hand out leaflets and flyers
  • Offer free food and drink
  • Hold a competition with valuable/interesting prizes

Need Assistance?

As with all things, there can be a lot to learn on your first attempt. We’re here to help you every step of the way, from sourcing retail space to shop installations and creating promotional material. So if you have any questions, please get in touch.

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Advantages of Modular Exhibition Systems

Modular exhibition systems are ideal for trade shows and events, allowing you to create impressive professional-looking displays quickly and with minimum fuss. Setting up an elaborate display is easy, often requiring no tools and minimal manual labour (1-2 people). Our modular displays offer many benefits over conventional bespoke exhibition stands, such as:

  • Easy to transport – modular systems are compact in size and highly mobile
  • Simple to construct – often requiring no tools
  • Significant cost benefit – you can re-use and re-configure your stand for numerous shows
  • Expandable – easily increase the size of your stand
  • Lifetime guaranteed – featuring high-quality, fully integrated components
  • Fast delivery

With these strong benefits, it’s easy to see why modular exhibition stands are increasing in popularity. In one example, we have saved a company 80% on their exhibiting costs. If you are interested in seeing how much you could save, whilst still displaying a visually impressive stand at your next trade show, get in touch with us at or call 01733 569232.

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