Modular Display Stands

The last thing you want at an exhibition, conference or event, is to have to spend lengthy periods of time setting up. Portable modular display stands are compact and easy to transport, and quick to setup with often no tools required.

Advertising already costs money, why should it cost time too?

Portable displays make your life so much easier. You do not have to spend hours beforehand setting up, nor is transporting your display stand from one place to another a hassle. Modular exhibition stands can often be packed down or reconstructed in well under an hour.

This is especially useful if you are hosting an outdoor display or event that needs to be moved indoors when the weather turns bad. Perhaps you are promoting a product or you need to attend a few meetings or lectures in one day? Just take down your modular display, pop it into a carry-case and walk on to the next appointment.

Ideal uses for modular display stands include:

  • Temporary Retail Events and Pop-up Shops
  • Short-term Museum Displays
  • Art Galleries (indoor and outdoor)
  • Exhibition Stands
  • Modular Offices and Partitioning


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