How to make a success of your small exhibition stand

Here are five proven tips to help you get the most out of a smaller exhibition stand:

  1. Develop a novel theme for your stand. Leave the traditional approach to the big exhibitors that can rely on the size of their space to stand out.
  2. Size everything to fit the stand. (Unless you’re purposely using large-scale props as a draw.). Large information counters (borrowed from a larger stand) can dwarf your staff.
  3. Use lighting. According to industry research, lighting on your exhibition stand can increase awareness by 30-50%.
  4. Display the service, product or company name most recognised by attendees.
  5. Invest in a modular display system that’s easy to customise. Avoid things like domestic or outdoor furniture as a work-around; they can look cheap. A manufactured system gives the exhibit a more professional and “finished” look.
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