How Bell Stone Helped the Bloodhound Rocket Firing Success

On the 3rd October 2012, BloodHound launched the biggest rocket fired in the UK for over 20 years at the Newquay Cornwall Airport. This was a key development in the making of their record breaking attempt of a 1000mph car. For this project we were asked to design the interior of three aircraft hangars and cater for the needs of over 450 guests. With only 16 days from planning to completion, find out how Bell Stone helped make this event a success.

The Initial Stages

Our first step was to visit the site to take measurements and photographs. The three aircraft hangars measured 1000 sqm each (10700 square ft). Being there really gave us a feel for the space we had and the potential for what we could do with it.

On our return to the office we began work on detailed 3D models for each of the hangars. This included the design of all the displays, exhibits, seating layouts, and arrangement of over 100 media personnel and equipment.


Once the designs were completed and approved, we moved onto production which included:

  • High Resolution Printed Panels
  • Audio Visual Displays
  • Hanging Banners
  • 2 Conference Stages
  • Back-Projection Display Screens

We then returned to the site and fitted all our displays, ensuring everything was ready for the big event.

Planning to Completion in Just 16 Days!

From the initial discussion we managed to prepare, build and install displays to fill three large aircraft hangars. This was made possible using our innovative modular display system which allows us to create bespoke exhibition layouts quickly and easily. The EZ System acts as a lightweight skeleton structure where we can add high resolution graphics, lighting and integrate displays such as large HD televisions.

Our work processes and modular display system can cater for any project, big or small. So if you’re thinking of holding an event, give us a call on 01733 569232 to discuss how we can help ensure it is a huge success.

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