Exhibition Stand Space

exhibition stand spaceWhen planning your exhibition, you need to decidewhat area of space best suits your objectives and how you intend to use it. If it’s a new show for your company, you may wish to leave booking space until later as good deals can be available the closer it gets to the show dates. This tactic can be risky however, limiting your choice of space selection (if any is still available).

Some exhibitors are tempted to position their stand next to or close to the entrance, but often many visitors walk straight into the exhibition, by-passing these positions. It is advisable to visit the show at earlier dates to observe visitor behaviour and help you decide.

Corner Stands

Corner stands give a feeling of openness and therefore catch visitors easily. The sides are more open to aisles, making it easier for visitors to walk on. Areas of high traffic where people congregate like seating areas, cafes and refreshment points and toilets can also work well.


Look out for columns in your stand space as this will impact on your available display area, who will be exhibiting near you and any special height restrictions your space may have. Don’t be put off just because you have a large company next to you – this can work in your favour as you take advantage of high traffic.

Exhibition Stand Space

In general, exhibition stand space that is smaller than 25 metres squared will use shell scheme, whereas space over 25 metres squared will be a “space only” site. The shell scheme option can be good for first time exhibitors or for those on a low budget, but the “space only” option is cheaper and the saving can be offset against a more beautiful looking exhibition stand!

“Space only” renting is when you supply everything. If you choose a shell scheme, the organiser will generally provide you with carpet, walls and your company name on a board. The standard size for shell scheme is 3 x 5 x 2.5 metres.

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