Exhibition Stand Accessories

There are two ways to grab the attention of exhibition visitors, which is either something seen or heard. The type of attention grabber that is most effective, however, is the one which is seen. Often people can tune out what someone is saying before they have even listened to what it is about, simply because they know the person is trying to sell them something they might not want.

Flyers and cards are often chucked in the nearest bin, so how can you grab a prospective customer’s attention and keep it long enough to get your information across?

A visually impressive exhibition stand design is one way of making sure your business is not overlooked or ignored, but adding accessories to your display stand makes it more eye-catching and interactive.

Lights are an important accessory that often goes unnoticed. The right lighting can highlight your display stand to make it stand out among your competitors at a trade show. Display counters create an ideal area to display flyers, cards and product samples. Perhaps you are advertising a book or magazine? A literature rack or two can easily be assembled alongside your exhibition stand to engage your potential customer into browsing through the pages. The right accessories can make your display stand the best one in sight.

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