Exhibition Graphics

When designing your exhibition stand, make your graphics interesting, life-size (or even larger than life), to really grab the attention of passers by. Try keep text/copy to an absolute minimum, despite what the boss wants! Very few visitors take the time to read in the hustle and bustle of a trade show environment. Pictures paint a thousand words. However, if the boss insists on having some copy, make sure that it focuses on the buyer, stresses the benefits only, be concise, and use action words. Remember to also use your company logo to establish brand identity.

During your exhibition planning and design schedule, do not leave graphics to the last minute. Rush orders, changes, and overtime charges significantly add to your bottom line. Planing your graphics ahead of time is less stressful for everyone concerned and can help prevent many mistakes that occur under strict time constraints. Graphics should be part of the stand brief you give to your exhibition stand designer and be an integral part of your design objective.

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