Choosing your Exhibition Stand

You have chosen your venue, picked your exhibition spot and set your budget. Now all that is left to do is choose your exhibition stand. With so many exhibition stands to choose from, what should businesses be looking at to achieve the best ROI?

This is a question we often face in our industry and like many things it comes down to research. Investigating what is available to you is key. So, what type of stands are there?

Pop Up Exhibition Stands

These are light-weight stands that usually consist of a large graphic and stretchable metal holder. You can often find these in print shops and are designed for multiple uses. If you have a small budget and need a modest presence at an event then this could be the stand for you.

Banner Stands

These are one of the most popular types of stand as they tend to make a big impression using very limited space. These often consist of large graphics and are held in place by a tall, narrow steel frame. These aren’t really suitable for large halls. However, the use of large graphics make them a real head turner.

Modular Exhibition Stands

The modular exhibition stand combines flexibility with scale. The modular design means you can create stands as large or as small as you like and can be transported from venue to venue with ease. These are usually medium to large sized stands and create a space for people to walk into and talk to the hosts.

At Bell Stone we provide bespoke modular exhibition stands because we believe that they areĀ  not only be the best quality, but they also offer excellent return on investment. This is because our clients can create a unique customer experience which allows audiences to engage directly with their products and services. Businesses can carefully craft their marketing messages as users travel through their stands.

Our experience tells us that people like visually stunning, interactive and interesting stands. Get in touch with us today.

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