3D Virtual Modeling

Bell Stone have been creating 3D virtual models for interiors and exhibition projects since 2002 and now offer their visualising expertise as a service in its own right.

Architects, planners and developers use our services to create affordable presentations in interactive 3D and photorealistic 2D. These are ideal for planning negotiations or to kick start the consultation process or simply to visualise a concept in 360º.

Contractors and builders have asked us to generate models and visuals to help build a case for planning approval or to convince neighbours of the merits of a project.

Our architectural models can be viewed using free software and help to show proportion and scale, on-plot orientation, lighting and shadows and unusual design features.

We offer a variety of different styles of 3D Visualisation:

  • Architectural – Interactive 3D virtual models. The information required to create these design visualisations can be a simple sketch or can be full architectural drawings. The model can be navigated and viewed in 360° and is used to generate virtual walk-throughs, perspective views, dimensioned plans, elevations and sectional cuts.
  • Photorealistic – These are still images created for promotional and marketing purposes. Originating as a 3D model, they are then finished as hi-resolution renderings with an astonishing level of detail.
  • Elevated Photography – These photographs are particularly suitable for estate agents, surveyors, land agents and property developers. They give a unique view of the property/land and can be integrated with 3D virtual models to show a proposed construction in its true setting. The shots are also perfect for promotional work such as events/fairs/shows etc. and are widely used for advertising brochures.


  • Professional Architectural Modeling
  • Interactive Building Models
  • Concept Form Models
  • X-Ray Visualisations
  • Photorealistic Renderings
  • Fly-Byes & Walk-Through’s
  • Single Homes to Entire Developments
  • Interior & Exterior Views
  • Terrain Modeling
  • Free Viewing Software
  • Elevated Photography
  • Video Integration
  • Website Integration
  • Outputs for Marketing & Display

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If you would like to discuss a forthcoming project with one of our 3D visualisers you can request a call via our online form or call Sales on 01733 569232.