New Exhibition Stand Designs

Exhibition stand design has moved on from traditional creations, which tended to be carbon copies of one another, with very simple branding.

These days, in an increasingly competitive world, your exhibition stand needs to be eye-catching to entice the visitors, and imaginative enough to play on their curiosity and drive them to your exhibition stand to find out what you’re business is about. An exhibition stand designer needs to come up with a very creative solution to attract potential clients, to make the display stand imaginative and memorable.

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Modular Display Stands

The last thing you want at an exhibition, conference or event, is to have to spend lengthy periods of time setting up. Portable modular display stands are compact and easy to transport, and quick to setup with often no tools required.

Advertising already costs money, why should it cost time too?

Portable displays make your life so much easier. You do not have to spend hours beforehand setting up, nor is transporting your display stand from one place to another a hassle. Modular exhibition stands can often be packed down or reconstructed in well under an hour.

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The Benefits of Bespoke Exhibition Stand Design

Everybody is familiar with advertising. In fact it is pretty much impossible to go anywhere without coming across it in some form or another. That would be because advertising is every single business’ weapon of mass publicity and promotion. The thing about promotions and advertising is that it isn’t going to make you look unless it has that wow factor about it.

Your customers feel the same way about your advertising. That is why you need to make sure that your exhibition stand grabs and keeps the attention of passers by, whilst generating interest within prospective buyers. One way to wow your customers with an exhibition display is to make it interactive and creative.

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Exhibition Stand Accessories

There are two ways to grab the attention of exhibition visitors, which is either something seen or heard. The type of attention grabber that is most effective, however, is the one which is seen. Often people can tune out what someone is saying before they have even listened to what it is about, simply because they know the person is trying to sell them something they might not want.

Flyers and cards are often chucked in the nearest bin, so how can you grab a prospective customer’s attention and keep it long enough to get your information across?

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Peterborough based company winning global clients

Growborough Peterborough Business Bell StoneSome experts say recession promotes innovation. And now, a local exhibition and retail specialist seems to be proving them true.

Despite the economic meltdown of 2009, Bell Stone Associates have experienced over 40% year on year growth with their innovative approach to building exhibitions and retail displays.

The Peterborough based business switched from conventional stand-building methods to a new modular system in response to the need for a faster, more versatile way of designing and building eye-catching displays.

Managing Director, Oliver Bell says, “Everybody is under pressure to reduce costs whilst meeting tighter eco requirements and we saw a way of meeting those challenges. Using reconfigurable modular displays and digital textile graphics, we have dramatically improved the useful life span of our exhibition stands and retail merchandising units.”

In some cases the company has been able to save customers over 85% of their transport costs to overseas events. Add to this the ability to reconfigure the shape of a stand or display for virtually any event and Bell Stone seem to have found a winning combination. One of their latest developments has been the “exhibition stand in a box” solution. Anything from a 4m backdrop in a bag to a full 72sqm corporate stand in a single flight case is now possible.

A number of well known companies have caught on to the new product too. Bell Stone boast Expedia, Nintendo, Maximuscle, Bladez Toyz, Tesco and the British Land Speed Record Team, Bloodhound SSCin their impressive client list.

What next for local company?

The applications for an easy-to-build, versatile display system with great eco credentials seem endless; a view that OIiver Bell supports, “This spring we are releasing a series of retail modules for Pop-up Shops and are developing a complete Modular Office solution. We have a lot of exciting developments in the pipeline that I think will genuinely change the way we look at the sales environment.” “I hope our innovative solutions will help more local retailers and exhibitors who worry about the effect of cutting back their marketing budgets.”

With the current buzz around Pop-Up Shops and Guerilla Marketing, it seems that this local innovator may have read the signs right. At the moment, Bell Stone are offering special packages including free exhibition stand designfree system hire and other exclusive deals to boost projects with local businesses. To find out more speak to us on 01733 569232 or email

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