The Benefits Of Pop-Up Shops

nintendo wii pop-up shopA pop-up shop is generally a temporary retail unit, situated in a previously vacant high-street shopping location. They are becoming increasingly popular in these tough economic times for a great number of reasons, with even some of the bigger brands also taking advantage of the many pop-up shop benefits.

Pop-up shops are ideal for seasonal sales such as around Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day and Halloween. Retailers that specialise in these items wouldn’t expect a high-sales volume during other times in the year which is why this temporary retail solution is so appealing. Pop-up stores can be setup more cheaply and quickly than conventional retail shop-fits.

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The Benefits of Exhibition Stand Hire

Exhibition Stand Hire PeterboroughThere are several advantages to exhibition stand hire  for both first-time exhibitors and larger companies, who are seeking to reduce their costs while still maintaining a strong presence at industry exhibitions. Some of the main benefits of hiring an exhibition stand are as follows:

Exhibition stand hire can provide you with a high visual impact without having to invest large amounts of money. This is especially useful if you are attending a trade show for the first time and are not sure of the ROI it will provide.

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How to make a success of your small exhibition stand

Here are five proven tips to help you get the most out of a smaller exhibition stand:

  1. Develop a novel theme for your stand. Leave the traditional approach to the big exhibitors that can rely on the size of their space to stand out.
  2. Size everything to fit the stand. (Unless you’re purposely using large-scale props as a draw.). Large information counters (borrowed from a larger stand) can dwarf your staff.
  3. Use lighting. According to industry research, lighting on your exhibition stand can increase awareness by 30-50%.
  4. Display the service, product or company name most recognised by attendees.
  5. Invest in a modular display system that’s easy to customise. Avoid things like domestic or outdoor furniture as a work-around; they can look cheap. A manufactured system gives the exhibit a more professional and “finished” look.
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Why Should You Exhibit?

Trade shows and exhibitions have now become an important platform for businesses to display products and services to new and existing customers.

If you are considering an exhibition show, there are many important factors to consider when choosing the most suitable trade fair for your industry sector. However, there’s one thing you must have clear from the beginning, which is the reason why you have chosen that specific event over another.

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Exhibition Graphics

When designing your exhibition stand, make your graphics interesting, life-size (or even larger than life), to really grab the attention of passers by. Try keep text/copy to an absolute minimum, despite what the boss wants! Very few visitors take the time to read in the hustle and bustle of a tradeshow environment. Pictures paint a thousand words. However, if the boss insists on having some copy, make sure that it focuses on the buyer, stresses the benefits only, be concise, and use action words. Remember to also use your company logo to establish brand identity.

During your exhibition planning and design schedule, do not leave graphics to the last minute. Rush orders, changes, and overtime charges significantly add to your bottom line. Planing your graphics ahead of time is less stressful for everyone concerned and can help prevent many mistakes that occur under strict time constraints. Graphics should be part of the stand brief you give to your exhibition stand designer and be an integral part of your design objective.

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